Best Eyelashes in 2020

Sauced Outfitters x Sauced Lashes  Ever wondered what the best eyelash style may be ? With the options we have expanding day by day, how do we stay on top of the best lash trends out there ? Some may say its mink, while others believe in cruelty free lashes. Sauced Lashes believes that offering a wide variety of Mink Lashes, Cruelty Free Lashes and Magnetic Lashes are important for our customers. Lash trends are introduced but may not last . SAUCED lashes catches the trend, and is always the first to offer luxurious lashes for our SAUCED influencers.   MINK LASHES:...

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Becoming a Beauty Influencer

What does it really take to grow into a successful beauty influencer. It's about to be 2020 and it's on every young girls Christmas list. To be the next best thing in the cosmetics world.

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